Cirrus SR20 Review

The Cirrus is my ‘dream plane’ so I was very interested to read this review from an owner of an SR20. I’m used to reading the glowing praise in the magazines so its good to see an honest appraisal from someone who really knows. Props go to Land and Hold Short for the link.

Other Entries

Your Pilot In Command

I got my private pilot certificate in Feb 2002, and my instrument rating exaclty one year later in 2003. I fly out of Montgomery Field, San Diego, renting Cessna 172s, 182s, and Piper Archers from PlusOneFlyers. I also have high performance and complex endorsements.

Currently, I have approximately 350 hours of PIC time, including 450 landings, and a monster 6.4 hours of actual instrument time. September 2010